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Serafino Software

Serafino Software™ is a startup company that provides elegant original software products that remarkably benefit people. Verified Author:  Isaac Serafino Maturity :   Graduated  Type:  Startup Company Date Claimed:  25 July 2017 Resources: Company Home Page

Idea Site

Idea Site™ is a software product that helps technology businesses by facilitating communication about innovative ideas. Idea Site™ is for ideas related to developing new technology, technology-related products, and technology-related businesses. It works by providing a venue for inventors to browse through interesting ideas, show that they are the first to claim their own ideas on the site, and collaborate to improve the ideas. The Minimum Valuable Product consists of this blog containing such ideas from Serafino Software™ . Verified Author:  Serafino Software Maturity :  MVP    - Minimum Valuable Product is available in production . Type:  Software Product Date Claimed: 25 July 2017 Resources: MVP

Snap Screen

Snap Screen™ is a software product that provides a safer computing environment by facilitating efficient supervision of device usage. It works by taking pictures of what is on the device screen at semi-random times and sending the snaps to a chosen supervisor. That way, the supervisor does not need to be there looking over the user's shoulder all the time, but the user can know that what they do could be observed at any time. Fully functional Stable Release is  available in Production . Verified Author:  Serafino Software Maturity:    Graduated  Type:  Software Product Date Claimed:  25 July 2017 Resources: Product Home Page Quick Start Guide Supervisor Dashboard Device Monitor Development Project Supervisor Dashboard Development Project Serafino Software Feedback (Request Invitation) Development Fundraiser

Dev Cloud

Dev Cloud™ is a software product that provides an incentive for developing valuable software by facilitating trading shares of software. A site where stakeholders can buy and sell shares of software projects to earn returns, and to vote to influence decision-making, for software development A site where software developers can sell shares of their software projects to receive a financial incentive to develop software Observation:  There is a problem with closed source  that it stifles innovation. There is a problem with free software  that it lacks providing a direct financial incentive. If we could find a way to provide a direct financial incentive for free software, we could greatly promote innovation. (Much more could be said on these summary statements. Please comment for more information.) The Vision:  All kinds of people interested in a certain kind of software being developed could pay to influence development of that kind of software. Developers could be paid for the

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