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Relevance Points™ - Fixing the Issue With Agile Development

The Problem When I have mentioned this to other people, most of them have been quick to agree: there's an issue with the way agile software development is done in many big corporations. Often separate people fill the roles of a business person or developer. Then, a breakdown in collaboration occurs between the two. Particularly, many high performing developers are frustrated. They feel the business people make poor decisions impacting software development. Consequently, developers lack the liberty to use their software development acumen to choose which software to develop, and how to develop it. Lacking this liberty, they feel pressured into developing software that they know will provide less value to the business. The Solution We propose solving this breakdown in collaboration by introducing a couple of easy metrics and roles: the Relevance Points metric, Relevance Spy role, Spy Stripes metric, and Double Spy role. Solution - Relevance Points™ Developers migh

Open Software Market™

Pain Story Software development costs a lot and still ends up with a bunch of bugs. Developers are frustrated because they can tell there's a problem: the development process is managed in a way that is very counterproductive. There's a systemic problem in the way software is developed in most companies: the process is fundamentally flawed. Business relationships with software developers breakdown through issues with communication, roles, scope, timelines, and productivity. Grand Vision As a leader in business, what if you could get business problems and other real world problems solved without the current issues inherent to managing developers? As a developer, what if you could have everything you need to develop, without the usual pain associated with going through a corporation to do it? We propose OSM (Open Software Market), a system to facilitate people to: Inspire : Think of great ideas? Share to find out which will fly Influence : Aware of needs? Promote


PostBump™ is an idea for an app that would enable blog readers to incentivize blog authors by trading PostBump™s of free licensed blog posts they appreciate, for bitcoin. This would give readers a new opportunity to strongly influence authors to make available more of the kind of content the readers like. This would also provide authors a direct way to earn bitcoin for their work in posting that kind of content. This idea aims to help vastly improve the quality of desirable content freely available to the general public. The Link: A PostBump™ would consist of a little link  contained in the actual blog post. The blog author would use the app to get the unique link for each new blog post. Then, the reader could follow the link to use the app to trade the PostBump™ for bitcoin. Trading:  Traders could buy and sell shares  of the PostBump™, somewhat like stock in the stock market. The author would start out owning the shares, and the author would set the initial asking price. The f

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