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StuffApp™ would be a software product to help people save time and money and live more efficiently by helping them manage their personal possessions. StuffApp™ aims to help customers add items to their stuff, organize their stuff, find stuff when it would be useful, and get rid of stuff when it is no longer worth keeping. Getting Stuff: When a user obtains a personal inventory item, they could snap a photo of it with the mobile app. They could enter some basic information (owner, title, brief description, location, approximate cash value). Perhaps the app could use image recognition knowledge systems to attempt to automatically start identifying or classifying the item based on the image. The mobile app could also use location features to automatically start adding location information. Additionally, when a user makes a purchase, perhaps the app could integrate with other systems to automatically add stuff to the inventory based on the purchases. Organizing Stuff:  Perhaps Stuff

Better News

The Vision:  It seems there is a significant opportunity to provide a simple service of superior current events information. Better News would be a software product to provide this service. It could take advantage of the ubiquity of Internet connected mobile devices to provide achieve this. It would aim to provide news that is without political bias, accurate, clean, and very up to date. Better News could do this through crowd-sourcing content, feedback based quality control, and on the spot reports based on location verification. Observation:  When something happens these days there are often many people right there at that time with Internet connected mobile devices. Yet there are many who feel it has gotten all but impossible to find a source of information on current events that is of reasonable quality: Political Bias: One political faction often claims that certain media sources are saturated with bias toward the other political faction. Some people decry alleged rampant pol


IRL™ (In Real Life™) would be a mobile app to facilitate better situational awareness and higher quality personal relationships by calling attention to people, conversations, and events with other significance besides electronic contact lists, media, and apps. Observation Technology consumers often find themselves distracted by their devices, even to the point that they themselves do not want to be. For example, family relationships may suffer because family members may sit around a room in their house distracted by other activities (watching movies on their TVs, using social networks on their laptops, texting on their phones), and neglect interacting with their family. The Vision IRL aims to restore balance between interactions in traditional relationships and those enabled by technology. Reality Checks and Zone Outs IRL could achieve this balance through reality checks  and zone outs . A reality check could display a notification, interrupting what the user was doing on the


Newmonic™ would be a software product to help people save information to be securely and easily accessible through any Internet connected device. Newmonic™ also aims to help people save information more quickly, more safely, and in larger quantities. The customer would only need to setup the app, and then they would be able to use Newmonic™ on their device the same way they would use traditional storage--except there would be more of it and it would be faster and more secure. Observations : There is a trend of increasing interest in accessing the same information at different locations and through different devices. Also, the need for faster, more secure, and larger quantities of persistence seems like it will continue to grow indefinitely.  There is already a definite trend to use RAM in large quantities as a substitute for persistent storage. RAM is much faster than persistent storage. Strong enough encryption is available to keep data as secure in the cloud practically as if it

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